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How can I make an appointment?
You can go to our website to register and request either a housecall, office visit or telephone consultation. You can also call our office and leave a detailed message with your day/time preference. We will confirm your appointment request with a follow up e-mail or phone call.

How much do you SAVE with a visit?
You will save time, money and loss of your productivity with each visit to Dr. Farzanna. Many doctors are unable to give the time needed to provide detailed care. With Dr. Farzanna, you can have excellent medical care in the convenience of her private office or as a housecall visit.

Dr. Farzanna does not accept insurance. If you have insurance, she can provide you with an insurance reimbursement form that you can submit to your insurance company with the billing information. Most visits cost just $300, but when factoring in the value of time, convenience and potential insurance reimbursement, visits are quite affordable. We accept all major credit cards or cash. As with any visit to a traditional medical facility, additional charges will apply for more comprehensive treatment options. Depending on your insurance plan, you have the potential to save money by utilizing our services.

How is my health information recorded?
Dr. Farzanna utilizes an efficient electronic health record. Documentation of your visit is securely entered on her electronic health record. You will have continuity from one visit to the next because your information from previous visits with her are just a click away on a portable electronic health record.

How are phone consultations setup?
You can request a phone consultation by phone or email. After your appointment is confirmed via e-mail or by phone, you're ready for your phone consultation. Only established practice patients can request a telephone consultation.

Is Dr. Farzanna available at any time for a phone consultation?
If you are an established patient of Dr. Farzanna's office and need medical advice or have any questions, feel free to schedule a television consultation. Telephone consultations during the weekdays are $45 and $55 on weekends. Appointments are based on her availability.

Can I see Dr. Farzanna at her Office instead of a Housecall?
Of course! Dr. Farzanna has a private office equipped to examine and treat any of her patients. When you schedule your visit through our website you can specify where you would like the visit to take place. All web scheduled appointments will be followed up with with either a phone call or an email. Your appointment will be either confirmed or modifications can be made based on Dr. Farzanna's availability.

What can I expect from a Housecall visit?
Dr Farzanna will arrive with a medical assistant to your home or office. She will be equipped with all the necessary examination tools to provide you with a comprehensive, detailed visit. More comprehensive testing may require an in-office visit.

What happens if I need Ultrasound, Diagnostic Testing or Labwork?
Ultrasounds and most diagnostics can be done in Dr. Farzanna's office under her supervision, mobile diagnostics can be arranged or you will be sent to a local facility. These studies include Echocardiograms, Abdominal, Arterial & Venous Doppler Ultrasounds, X-rays, Sleep Studies and many more. For blood/lab draws, you will be given a requisition form at the time of your visit with the brochure of a nearby lab station to have your blood drawn at your convenience. Most labs results are electronically received by Dr. Farzanna's office to ensure proper patient follow up.

Does Dr. Farzanna admit her patients to the hospital?

Dr. Farzanna has a purely outpatient practice. She does not admit patients to the hospital but you can be admitted by each hospital's hospitalist on call or insurance panel physician. She will certainly continue outpatient post hospital care with you either at her office or as a housecall

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