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"As a busy mother I needed to have a complete check up without spending a lot of lost hours. Dr. Farzanna's office is set up in such an incredible way. You get her directly to take care of you and to coordinate your care. I have never had such organized, excellent care. I recommend her highly to any patient who wants to have a VIP experience."
- H.M.

"I don't mind paying directly for Dr. Farzanna's care. It is so well worth it! Dr. Farzanna explains everything so well to me. She educates me and keeps me completely in the light about my own health. She calls me directly to explain all my lab tests and diagnostics. I have never before had such personalized care until I started coming to Dr. Farzanna."
- B.B.

"I have finally found a doctor who has changed my view of the way healthcare should be. Dr. Farzanna wears many hats and is very involved in the community in many ways. I admire her fantastic new office set up and I have only experienced the very best care form her directly! She is an amazing person and I feel fortunate to have her as my doctor."
- L.M.

I thought I was in good health but because Dr. Farzanna is so comprehensive in her approach, she found my cancer in the earliest stages. She saved my life and I am forever grateful! She takes care of most of my family members and we couldn't be happier. We recommend Dr. Farzanna without reservation."
- J.F. and family

" Dr. Haffizulla has been my physician for the past four years. I am amazed that a mother of four children, can do all she does with such ease! She has written a wonderful book to help all women ( including grandmothers). A great doctor, a great mother and author--- and on top of all these things -- a wonderful caring person!"
- D. F.

"When my Mom moved down to live with us in Sept 2006 we were looking for a physician that would be in tuned to her medical needs as well as her emotional ones and we were very fortunate to meet Farzanna Haffizulla, M.D. When I think of Farzanna 3 words come to mind immediately .. genuine, compassion and heartfelt.. There are so many amazing things that I can say about her. She cares for her patients on so many levels. Preventative measures to stay healthy are her top priority. Her constant monitoring of her patients needs and well being. . She is very proactive in her patients care. You can go to her office, have a telephone consultation or even request an at home visit. Her ability to make you feel like there is no one more important than you when you are in her office, I never have to wait for an appointment, which to me says leaps and bounds about how she values her patients time. Having one on one attention while you are with her and not just a number and walking out knowing that all of your needs on all levels have been met. Farzanna makes you feel more like family than any other doctor that I have ever been to. I am a full time caretaker for my mother who has Alzheimer's and Emphysema... even when my appointment is just for Mom she makes sure to see that I too am being taken care of (even when I haven't acknowledged needing it myself) . Over the last 6 years we (my Mom and myself) have had the opportunity to experience first hand the amazing caring, and devotion of Farzanna Haffizulla. I even told her that if the insurance company would not pay any of the expenses that I would happily pay for her services in full myself because the way she makes u feel and the way she treats us is more than worth it. "
S.R. and family

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Dr. Farzanna S. Haffizulla

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